IMC Challenge powered by Huawei Problem B. Spatial Estimation and Separation

IMC Challenge powered by Huawei Problem B. Spatial Estimation and Separation



During this Challenge, there will be two rounds for each problem. This section provides information about submissions, winner selection, and the prizes for Round 1 and Round 2. For more information about the timeline of each problem, see the "About the Problems" section.


  1. If submissions are found to be too similar during the review, the relevant teams may be disqualified.
  2. Applicable time zone for all problems: UTC+08:00

Outstanding teams in Round 1: Top 20 teams

  1. Contestants log in to Kattis to submit code for the problem before the deadline.
  2. The review team for the problem performs a review based on the rank lists on Kattis, and announces the list of winners in Round 1.
  3. Prizes for Round 1 (All amounts post-tax):
    • Top 1–3 teams: EUR6,000 per team
    • Top 4–10 teams: EUR3,000 per team
    • Top 11–20 teams: EUR1,000 per team
    • Top 100 teams and their coaches: One T-shirt per person

Outstanding teams in Round 2: Top 40 teams (selected based on code and articles) and their coaches

  1. After Round 1 results are announced, each of the top 40 teams must write an article using the template and submit it in PDF format to [email protected] before the deadline. Teams that fail to submit an article before the deadline will be disqualified from consideration during Round 2.

  2. Prizes for Round 2 (All amounts post-tax):

    • Top 1 team: EUR4,000 for the team, EUR1,500 for the coach
    • Top 2–4 teams: EUR2,000 per team, EUR1,000 per coach
    • Top 5–10 teams: EUR1,000 per team, EUR800 per coach
    • Top 11–20 teams: EUR800 per team, EUR500 per coach
    • Top 21–40 teams and coaches: One HUAWEI FreeBuds per person

Coach reward plan for the coaches of outstanding teams in Round 2:

Within two weeks after Round 2 results are announced, coaches of the top 40 teams should submit a summary of their coaching experience using the template to [email protected]. Failure to provide a summary of coaching experience on time is deemed as a decision not to participate in the coach reward plan.

In addition to the above prizes, the top 100 teams will also be given opportunities to meet Fields medalists and problem authors face to face, and visit Huawei's campuses around the world.

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